Focus on your goals, And Amwaly will take care of your numbers

Financial and Accounting Solutions Platform

Amwaly is a platform for providing remote financial and accounting consulting and solutions to entrepreneurs, by linking with an experienced team in various sectors and activities, it seeks to work in a team spirit, and as part of its customer team, to enhance production, creativity, and excellence for our customers.

Our Services

Creation Of Accounts

Documenting and Reviewing Accounting Operations and Daily Entries

Registering Assets and Liabilities

Bank and Cash Reconciliations

Zakat & Tax Supervision




Why Amwaly


Lower Costs

Continuous Follow-up


Digital Solutions

Information Security

What is the role of Amwaly?

The completion of the success of any institution or business requires professional management of accounting and financial operations, so Amwaly plays the role of qualified and competent accountant at the lowest costs to support our clients by focusing on their goals, leaving the financial and accounting tasks in expert and safe hands.